Iceland Overland

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3 years ago we embarked on our first overlanding trip to Africa, and absolutely loved it. A further overland trip through Central America 2 months later found us hooked on this style of travel and we’ve been hankering to do some more ever since. COVID-19 changed the global landscape, how we lived and our perspective on life for the past 2 years. Our travel bug was temporarily put into hibernation and we both returned to full-time employment. 2022 has seen the UK learning to live with COVID, both of us retired and decision made to take the plunge to start travelling again. After an amazing 3 weeks in Jordan & Israel in May – I’ll write that up one day – we’re off to the land of fire & ice for 3 weeks.

We kick off with 4 days in Reykjavik and then embark on a 17 day camping tour following the route above. Yes, I said camping, so our kit bags contain a 4 season sleeping bag – despite it being July, the average temperature in Iceland at this time of year is 12°c. It’s 34°c currently in London as I write this – a sleeping mat and pillow before we can even think about adding any clothes. Oh and there’s the small matter of our tent that weighs 5kgs – guess we’ll have to play rock, scissors, paper to decide who has the dubious honour of carrying it.

The trip is billed as taking us to all the highlights of Iceland as well as the remote Wesfjords and Central Highlands that are only accessible by 4×4’s. The tour circumnavigates the whole island and fingers crossed will include a trip to the active Fagradalsfjall volcano which has been erupting since 2021.

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  1. Sounds like you two are heading towards and awesome adventure. Looking forward to reading all about this fantastic trip


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