Day 3 – Iceland Overlanding

What an incredible view to commence today’s road-trip

Today we leave the campsite at 8am after a solid 7 hours sleep in a very comfortable tent. The campsite had a bar so perhaps the small intake of alcohol alongside an excellent chicken curry & rice may have assisted.

Last to take our tent down again!!

We took a 7 hour drive along some very dramatic hillside and some quite stunning coastal scenery enroute to the remote Westfjords and Latrabjarg Sea Cliffs.

The Latrabjarg Sea Cliffs are Europe’s most westerly point and home to millions of sea-birds including Skuas, Arctic Terns, Guillemots, Eider Ducks, Razorbills and of course the iconic Atlantic Puffins! The cliffs dramatically plunge over 300 feet into the sea and birds cling perilously to their nesting places.

Tonight we camped a short distance away from the puffin nesting cliffs at a beautiful campsite close to the deserted Breidavik beach. We weren’t brave enough to take an icy dip in the Atlantic so instead we went for a walk on what felt like our own private beach.

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