Day 4 – Iceland Overlanding

Awoken at 4am this morning by pouring rain rolled over and went back to sleep hoping that it would’ve stopped by 6.15am when the alarm was due to go off. No such luck still raining, so waterproofs are donned and tent is packed as quickly as possible and we prepare for another day on the road in West Iceland.

We visit the famous Gardar BA64 shipwreck, Iceland’s oldest steel ship that was run aground in 1981 after decades of faithful service. There’s also the remains of an American plane on the other side of the road.

Today we explore the remote Westfjords, one of Iceland’s most beautiful regions and unseen by most tourists as it is so far off the beaten track. We’re in a coach that is designed to be driven off-road and through rivers and so far its be more than up to the task.

As we hug the roads around the blue fjords we pass through numerous picturesque fishing villages and also visit Dynjandi the largest waterfall in the Westfjords.

We arrive at a beautiful campsite close to the charming capital of the Westfjords, Isafjordur at around 2.30pm giving time to set-up camp and organise hot springs, whale watching and glacier trekking tours before embarking on a walk up to a waterfall behind our campsite.

After dinner we crowd around my mobile to watch the women’s Euros semi final vs Sweden and are blown away by a magnificent performance by the England Lionesses.

Our tent is pitched close to a stream and we are lulled to sleep by the powerful running water.

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