Day 6 – Iceland Overlanding

Wow what a wild night in 50mph wind. Tent is dry and still standing after a severe pummelling. Our mess tent however was not so lucky and was destroyed at 6am this morning.

As we leave the campsite a stunning rainbow appears

We start the day by travelling around the Trollaskagi Peninsula on Route 76 which is rated as one of Iceland’s most picturesque drives with dramatic coastal and mountain scenery.

Iceland’s longest tunnel @ 7km

At lunchtime we arrive at Iceland’s ‘capital of the north’ Akureyri and have the rest of the day free. Brownie and I go for lunch of delicious fish soup with toasted bread, followed by ice cream at a great gelateria.

We walk up to the cathedral and then the art museum for some icelandic photography, ceramics and paintings. We take the opportunity to stock up alcohol supplies consisting of a box of beers and a good old box of red wine at the alcohol shop – Vinbundn

Whilst waiting for the bus to take us back to camp we take the opportunity to try the scooters that the Icelanders heavily favour to get around most towns. Just scan the scooter with the app and away you go. 35p a minute. Needless to say we’re now both big fans.

We camp at a great campsite about 10 minutes outside of town.

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