Day 11 Overlanding Iceland

We leave our campsite at Modrudalur this morning with absolutely no idea where we’re headed. The Madventure crew and our driver Obi have a surprise for us and they won’t reveal what it is.

The very friendly house goat at Modrudalur enjoyed eating the guy ropes of a number of our group’s tents during our 2 night stay😁and was keen to say goodbye as we left.

We drive to Hofnarholmi a small photogenic harbour and, home to a large puffin colony that is absolutely jam-packed with the cute birds. Safe to say every single member of the group is absolutely delighted by the surprise. We ascend a staircase and there are periodic viewing platforms which mean we can get up close to the ever so slightly clumsy birds. Puffins arrive in Iceland around mid-April and depart by early to mid-August so our timing is immaculate.

In the afternoon we drive the scenic Route 93 climbing a high pass before descending on the majestic snaking road headed for the town of Seyoisfjorjur with the beautiful waterfall filled Fjaroara river on our right hand side.

Seyoisfjorjur, set at the end of a fjord, consists of an array of multi-coloured houses surrounded by looming snow-capped mountains and fast flowing waterfalls.  It’s a beautiful location for the night.  We spend the late afternoon exploring the picturesque town before retiring to the local Aldan Hotel for a foamy local beer whilst we listen to an excellent busker.  We sing along and join a communal dance with our singing Dutch ladies from the group as the busker belts out his songs.  An Aussie member of our group borrows the buskers guitar and wows us with her strong bluesy vocal range, with her Janice Joplin rendition of Me & Bobby McGee blowing us all away – thanks Kate!!

Camp dinner consists of one-pot meals which are tasty and portions are generous but tonight we’re yearning for a change.  We book a candle-lit table at the Aldan and enjoy a fabulous dinner of fish soup, reindeer tartare, and lamb on a bed of risotto with crispy kale.  It’s absolutely delicious, we’ll sleep well tonight.

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