Day 17 – Overlanding Iceland

With Grindavik being so close to the erupting Fagradalsfjall volcano our campsite is absolutely rammed. We wake at 6am ready to take a drive to the entrance to the trail and hopefully hike to the volcano.

During the night I got up to use the loo and the sky was glowing a vivid red as the volcano continued to erupt. At 7am we get to the start of the trail and the road is blocked by the local police. The weather is misty and there’s rain in the air. A number of us receive a text from the Icelandic emergency services advising us that the trails to the volcano are closed. It’s not meant to be, luck is not on our side.

The bus takes us back to Reykjavik via the airport where a couple of travellers are dropped off. On arrival in central Reykjavik we help to unload the bus of all the kitchen/cooking kit to the local storage facility. We say our goodbyes to all the wonderful people that we’ve met on the most amazing Icelandic adventure and head for our hostel – we’re absolutely bloody knackered!! We need breakfast, a shower and sleep in that order.

One the Madventure team and one of our fellow travellers make it out to the volcano 2 days after we leave Iceland and shoot these incredible photos – thanks Carole!! What an experience.

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