Northern Spain Road Trip – Day 6

After 4 great days in San Sebastian it’s time to leave and head for our next stop Lekeitio, via the house and grounds of sculpture Eduardo Chillida. At his house and extensive grounds we’re presented with the evolution of Chillida’s work over a period of 50 years.

The park displays around 40 monumental sculptures made of alabaster, steel and granite, while the farmhouse shows, chronologically, Chillida’s journey through sculpture, from his early drawings on paper and preliminary depictions of the human form in plaster and chamotte through to his most iconic creations.

Walking around the 30 acre site we marvel at Chillida’s creativity. The sculptures silently sit in the grounds blending seamlessly into the surrounding natural landscape. They don’t feel out of place in fact they’re perfectly sited as watchful guardians of their environment. The grounds are a place of solitude and serenity. A meditative space that fills us with a huge sense of peace and calm.

We drive to Lekeitio marvelling at the stunning coastline and wide sandy beaches. We stop for lunch at Deba and chat to a Basque fisherman who on Coronation Day asks us our thoughts on Prince Charles. We advise that we pro-Royals. Our fisherman is an ardent Republican and he advises that the financial embezzlement scandal that engulfed Spain’s previous King, Juan Carlos means he has no time for Royalty. He wishes us happy Coronation Day and we continue our journey to Lekeitio.

Lunch spot by the side of the river at Deba

We locate our lovely apartment where we’ll be staying for the next 5 nights in the port town of Lekeitio.


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