Dr Livingstone we presume

After a hectic afternoon yesterday we decided to take the pace a little bit more slowly and cross the border from Zimbabwe into Zambia and have lunch in Livingstone.

We’d sensibly purchased a double entry visa for Zimbabwe which also gave us a single entry into Zambia under the KAZA Univisa for $50 each. Other than a queue to leave Zimbabwe and another one to enter Zambia it was relatively stress free and we had the opportunity to walk across the Vic Falls Bridge and marvel at the absurdity of humanity flinging themselves off it whilst attached to a long piece of elastic.

A monkey entertains us by eating a twix as we queue for Zambian immigration.

We found a friendly taxi driver who took us into Livingstone. The drive is approximately 11km and en-route signs along the road warn drivers, cyclists and pedestrians that they are entering an elephant corridor. Drive slowly, don’t attempt to pet or feed them and above all stay safe. Other than a fleeting glance of two elephants having a lunch of leaves and fruit in the bush we didn’t get a chance to see any.

Livingstone is a distinctly larger town compared to the 2 main streets of Vic Falls but as time was limited we headed for the Livingstone Museum to learn about the great victorian explorer and missionary.

Lunch is at Olgas – The Italian Corner an Italian restaurant run by a charity that aims to help young people learn a trade and subsequently work in catering, carpentry or bricklaying.

The food is fantastic and the welcome warm and engaging. We enjoy a very relaxed lunch of delicious pizza in tranquil beautiful gardens.

We jump back into our taxi and head back to border crossing marvelling at the fascinating life of David Livingstone and the sheer breadth of his expeditionary work and quizzing the driver as to whether we would get to see elephants or not.

You know that pot of gold that we found at the end of the rainbow yesterday………well guess what we found it again today.

An absolute joyous sight a herd of around 16 elephants all ages and sizes.

We had the most ridiculous smiles on our faces as we stopped on the roadside to marvel at the family group walking through the bush.

Safe to say we didn’t actually care how long the immigration queues were to leave Zambia and re-enter Zimbabwe. We’d just witnessed mother nature at her best and momentarily all was right with the world.

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    1. Iā€™m glad you are having a great time . Seeing elephants too . I just love them . They are so entertaining and wise. We went on Safari a few weeks ago in South Africa and the kids loved it especially the Elephants . Look forward to seeing what you get up to tomorrow. X


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