Iceland Tour Day 1 & 2

We arrived at the campsite at 5pm last night after an amazing snorkeling adventure at Silfra. Tour group located we pitch our tent and mingle like its speed dating amongst the 27 other members of our party. Dinner is a hearty stew and after teeth & toilet its time for bed, we need to be up at around 6.30am. Breakfast is 6.45-7.15am and we’re leaving at 8.

7.15am and we’re one of the last to put our tent down

We depart Reykjavik Campsite in an overland coach and head north to the beautiful Snaefellsnes Peninsula where the mammoth Snaefellsjokull Glacier dominates the centre of the peninsula and offers a beautiful backdrop to the surrounding scenery.

In the morning our journey around the peninsula includes stops at volcanic craters, rock arches, basalt columns & black pebble beaches before stopping for lunch at the small rainy fishing port of Olafsvik.

After lunch we continued to the dramatic 463m tall Kirkjufell Mountain and beautiful double waterfall.

We learn all about Greenland Sharks at the Bjarnarhofn Shark Museum and get the opportunity to taste fermented shark. It’s an acquired taste that I’m not sure I’m going to acquire in this lifetime. Our final stop of the day is a walk amongst the other-worldly lava fields at Berserkjahraun. After a long day on the road we arrive at our campsite in Stykkisholmur. Dinner is a delicious chicken curry and rice.

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