Truck Day 5 – Great Zimbabwe to Tshipise

Alarm shrieks into life at 4.30am an obscene time in the morning. Another good night’s sleep under canvas and a sky full of stars. Our tent was pitched close to a beautifully fragrant jasmine shrub you don’t get that in a hotel room.

The journey to the border takes just under 5 hours. Exit from Zimbabwe and entry into South Africa via the Limpopo River takes a total of 2.5 hours. We’re 540kms from our final destination for this leg, Johannesburg.

We go via the supermarketp to restocked supplies and arrive at Tshipise shortly after 3pm. We eventually locate our camping pitch and decide not to put our tent up until later. We’ve been on the road for 10 hours and our journey has been a hot and dusty one, against that backdrop we head for the 2 enormous swimming pools for a well deserved dip

There are 2 pools at Tshipise, one which is cold and one that is heated to a temperature between 36-38 degrees from the natural heated springs in the area. It’s a serene and relaxing location. We do some laundry and then eat dinner under the stairs before retiring to our tent. We’re up at 6 in the morning for our final day on the road headed for Jo’Burg.

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