Northern Spain Road Trip – Day 10

Exhausted after yesterday’s trip to Bilbao we’re on a go slow today and remain in Lekeitio. We manage to get out to St Nicolas Island without having to rush back this time to beat the tide. Although the weather decides to conspire against us as a small squally shower comes in from the Atlantic and I’m instantly regretting not bringing my waterproof jacket, hey ho. The sun comes out as we return to the beach and tradition dictates that a game of bat n ball is now in order.

Exhausted after our athletic pursuits we take a walk around the harbour and admire the large gothic church that dominates the town. It’s very quiet with hardly anyone around, there’s very few tourists and we’re the only Brits here.

We seek liquid refreshment from a harbour side bar and munch on Athletico Bilbao crisps. We ponder whether sport sponsored salted snacks could actually be considered an essential food product for the amateur or professional athlete. No conclusion was reached and we agreed that more research was required. We move on to a tapas bar and enjoy salt cod ceviche and tortilla. We’ve switched to chilled Rioja, this has all the trademarks of a very slippery slope. Cheers.


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