Northern Spain Road Trip- Day 8, Lekeitio

Our base for the next 4 nights is the town of Lekeitio on the Basque coast situated halfway between Bilbao and San Sebastian. It’s a small town with a very long fishing tradition and in common with many other towns along the Basque coast, Lekeitio was known for the bravery of its whale hunters. With the passing of time, whales sadly started to disappear but fishing and maritime related activities remained and the harbour is full of small very active fishing boats.

Today is a life laundry day as we haven’t stopped since we left London and need a bit of a catch-up. We take a late afternoon walk to the beautiful beach in town to discover that the tide is out revealing a causeway that leads to St Nicholas Island just across the bay. We walk across but have to return swiftly as the water is starting to rather rapidly over the causeway and we really don’t want to get trapped. We return to the beach and catch some rays. It’s good to dial it down a notch and not be rushing around attempting to see everything. Besides, we’re off to Bilbao tomorrow so need to enjoy the rest whilst we can.

Salt cod & prawn paella for dinner made in the paella pan we bought last month in Valencia

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