Overlanding Novices leap into the unknown

Growing up you’re encouraged to dream and have aspirations. I’m baffled as to where the desire to travel overland by truck sprang from. But with our deposit and trip balance now paid, it’s way too late to contemplate the whys and start to face up to the reality of exactly what we’ve signed up for.

We’ve purchased more kit than we ever imagined and the time taken comparing suitability for our aged bodies, prices and availability has been exhausting. A two day camping trip enabled us to check all our kit in advance, for comfort and practicality. Delighted to say that it all passed with flying colours. Jabs have been scheduled with almost military precision to ensure that arms had sufficiently recovered in time for the next round. Safe to say we’re mightily relieved that neither of us have a phobia to needles.

So with trepidation we’re about to embark on a 22 day adventure from Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe to Cape Town in South Africa in an enormous truck with Oasis Overland and 16 strangers. We keeping everything crossed that they’re patient with our cooking, partial to a few beers, willing to teach us a new card game or two and not too horrified by our eclectic taste in music. We were assured when we visited the www.oasisoverland.co.uk stand at The Destinations Show, Olympia at the begnning of the year that this is the best introduction to Overlanding for beginners. Keeping everything crossed that they weren’t being too liberal with the truth.

The Trip Notes for the “Deserts & Gameparks” tour tell us we will “Experience the incredible diversity of Southern Africa – from the abundant wildlife of the Okavango Delta & Etosha National Park, to the breathtaking scenery of the Namib Desert & Fish River Canyon. Try your hand at white water rafting & bungy jumping at Victoria Falls or quad biking & dune sledding at Swakopmund. This truly is a trip to stun the senses.”

Going Overlanding, means we’ll be expected to take on our share of daily duties from sweeping out the truck, setting up table/chairs for meals oh and cooking!! The cooking element includes shopping in a local market, food preparation and the ability to cook a tasty nutrious meal for the group about once a week. We’ll be put into cook groups of around 3 people and we’re keeping everything crossed that our respective group contain at least one experienced overland chef. Sensibly Brownie and I will go into separate groups. Despite dreading this bit, we’re both looking forward to the challenge.

We’ll be travelling in a large truck built specifically for these types of trips for up to 12 hours a day. Oh forgot to say that if we’re not camping overnight we’ll be staying in simple lodges. We’re responsible for our own tent set-up and take-down. Trip is 80:20 camping so we’re going to get plenty of practice and I’m already having nightmares about local wildlife snoozing outside our tent. I’m thinking maybe we won’t go and watch The Lion King before we leave.

However, being the softies that we are we’ll arrive at Vic Falls, 3 days before the overlanding commences. We’re going to pretend we’re like Meryl Streep in “Out of Africa” in our luxury safari tent at www.vicfallsrestcamp.com/ in order to ease us into the world of camping. We’ll be staying very close to the infamous thundering falls perfecting our best “Dr Livingstone I presume” impressions!!

We’ll keep you posted along the way, internet permitting. It’s going to be so far removed from our comfort zones but it’s time to make the leap and explore.

Wish us luck. Sellsey & Brownie

33 thoughts on “Overlanding Novices leap into the unknown

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  1. Excitement and trepidation are kicking in together. Only 3 weeks to go and can’t wait!
    Still haven’t decided what to take in such a small bag for 6 weeks, but once we’re on our way there’ll be no stopping us!

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  2. Hi Clare and Karen, your trip sounds amazing , as you know I did something similar all be it 30 years ago now, you will have a fantastic time and make some really good friends.
    Only advice I can give is take pencils and T shirts to give to the local children.
    Looking forward to reading your blog, enjoy !!
    Duncan. xx
    P.S. Do you think I could get Pam to go on a similar trip !!! LOL

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    1. Oh wow hadn’t realised that you’d overlanded. Thanks good idea I’ll see what we can fit in our bags. So very excited.
      K&C Xx
      Ps You love a challenge so why not. Remember nothing is impossible…….or then again.


  3. Your trip sounds amazing and look forward to reading more!
    I haven’t been to Africa since 1985 when I spent 2 months travelling overland, whilst solo-backpacking around the world.
    Many thanks for stopping by my Travel and Photography blog.

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      1. Sounds cool! Thank you for the feedback. I only write about destinations I’ve travelled to and have many more countries to write up yet. Feel free to leave me some feedback. 🙂


  4. Hi Clare,
    Oh wow, I didn’t realise what travelling you were doing when Jan mentioned. I did this almost exact trip two years ago – I could have given you loads of information/tips before you left the office!! Firstly, have an amazing time. It is absolutely amazing, and I’m sure you will enjoy it. Secondly, if you do want to know anything at all about the locations or the travelling, let me know – I can honestly give you the good and the not so good :-). We went with a different tour company, but they all follow similar itineraries and processes. I can tell you it will be an experience of a lifetime, and I would go back any day.



  5. It looks like my neice and her wife are taking The Big Adventure go girls ready to rescue if needed kit already. Think James Bond techi and take boiled sweets good luck x


  6. Safe journey I know you will be blown away with this wonderful adventure you are both about to embark on
    Enjoy every moment and I will look forward to reading your blog Mum x


  7. Sounds epic, cant wait for the updates and pictures. I hope there’s something fizzy in cape town with your names on it!

    Perry & Lauren x


  8. Hi Karen and Claire.
    What an amazing trip you have planned . I’m sure you will have a magical time and learn a lot on the way and about yourselves . I absolutely love Africa so I am very envious . I have been to vic falls and if you get the opportunity would recommend taking tea at the Vic Falls Hotel . I look forward to seeing your adventures on your blog. Enjoy every minute. Hx


    1. Hi girls well you certainly seeing some amazing places and things
      Allan has been working with his new chain saw with the tree out front
      We are getting it together in back garden
      Take care Mum/Allan


  9. Love all pictures it looks bloody wonderful
    It’s a dream that’s coming true
    It like a BBC documentary
    Keep it coming
    Love to you both and take care Mum xx

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  10. Hi K/C hope you are both ok
    Yes we have worked hard glad near ens but we are both pleased
    Allan took the pond apart it was leaking the mess was awful
    I was not happy but he worked so hard and he got there in the end
    We are both pleased with results
    I take off on Sunday is there any a thing I can get for you both
    Before I leave
    Love mum/Allan x


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